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is the study of energy and its interaction with matter. Because of the primacy of energy in terms of the history of the universe, because all matter must interact with energy to express its properties and engage in transformations, and because energy is the key player when matter is decomposed into its most basic parts, physics is often considered to be the fundamental science.

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Theory Major subtopics Concepts
Classical mechanics Newton's laws of motion Lagrangian mechanics Hamiltonian mechanics Chaos theory Fluid dynamics Continuum mechanics Dimension Space Time Motion Length Velocity Mass Momentum Force Energy Angular momentum Torque Conservation law Harmonic oscillator Wave Work Power
Electromagnetism Electrostatics Electricity Magnetism Maxwell's equations Electric charge Current Electric field Magnetic field Electromagnetic field Electromagnetic radiation Magnetic monopole
Thermodynamics and Statistical mechanics Heat engine Kinetic theory Boltzmann's constant Entropy Free energy Heat Partition function Temperature
Quantum mechanics Path integral formulation Schr�dinger equation Quantum field theory Hamiltonian Identical particles Planck's constant Quantum entanglement Quantum harmonic oscillator Wavefunction Zero-point energy
Theory of relativity Special relativity General relativity

Equivalence principle Four-momentum Reference frame Spacetime Speed of light


Field Subfields Major theories Concepts
Astrophysics Cosmology, Planetology, Plasma physics Big Bang Cosmic inflation General relativity Law of universal gravitation Black hole Cosmic background radiation Galaxy Gravity Gravitational radiation Planet Solar system Star
Atomic, molecular, and optical physics Atomic physics, Molecular physics, Optics, Photonics Quantum optics Diffraction Electromagnetic radiation Laser Polarization Spectral line
Particle physics Accelerator physics, Nuclear physics Standard Model Grand unification theory M-theory Fundamental force (gravitational, electromagnetic, weak, strong) Elementary particle Antimatter Spin Spontaneous symmetry breaking Theory of everything Vacuum energy
Condensed matter physics Solid state physics, Materials physics, Polymer physics BCS theory Bloch wave Fermi gas Fermi liquid Many-body theory

Phases (gas, liquid, solid, Bose-Einstein condensate, superconductor, superfluid) Electrical conduction Magnetism Self-organization Spin Spontaneous symmetry breaking 2005 Legal info